Top Five Signs You Have a Block Leakage

Are you experiencing higher water bills? Or maybe you’ve discovered water that’s pooling water in strange areas with no apparent source of origin? These may be signs of water events caused by this type of leak. When you have a structure that settles among other things that happen where water can find the path of least resistance; it’ll cost you money.

Hot Floor

Is your pet laying on a specific part of the floor than usual? Are you feeling heat or unusual warmth under your feet on a non-carpeted floor? If you do, check for a hot water leak. At the same time, check if your hot water heater is constantly running or any change in the hot water in your home.

Decreased Water Pressure

A slab leak could easily be stealing the water-pressure going to the fixtures in your home. Are you experiencing a decrease in water-pressure in the kitchen and bathrooms? Then this may be a good time to check for this type of leak.

Mold and Mildew Mold

Mold and mildew seem to creep up on you without notice and typically, it appears in dark places where there’s a lot of warmth. In the case of this kind of leak though, it may show up in weird, open places like your wooden floorboards. Leaks produce a lot of standing water. Once the surface beneath a floor treatment reaches a certain amount, it’ll produce mold or mildew.

So how can you spot it? It’ll look like black or green specs all together in little colony-like positions on the floor. Sometimes though you may have mildew first, which is a sign of the unseen mold. This will come off as a funny damp smell kind of akin to wet-dog or wet-towel smell. Some say it almost smells like wet leaves in a damp forest. It’s important that you have this checked out if you can smell this even once with no proven explanation.

Hard Flooring Is Warped

When you have laminate, wood floor or any floor treatment that is not ceramic or carpet you may notice a warping. This means an area, large or small, of the floor buckles and look as if it’s wavy or rolling. It may also feel kind of soft or spongy to walk on.

Water Bill Increase that can’t be Explained:

If you don’t yet have any of the five aforementioned signs, then there’s a subtle one that will tip you off. You may or may not notice this all at once either. It’s an ever-increasing water bill. Most times it’s seen as a sudden spike in rate. This should be a call to the water company and then to a company that can provide a comprehensive inspection and treatment. Otherwise, this will cost you money time and time again.

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