Types of Wooden Fences to Enhance the Beauty of Your Home

With the right type of wooden fence installed, you can increase the privacy of your home, create curb appeal and enhance the appearance of your landscaping. There are many different types of wooden fences to choose from, which means you have the opportunity to pick the one that matches your aesthetic style. Here are some of the most common types available.

Post and Rail

When you need a wood fence installation in Forest Lake IL that can provide a boundary for livestock or enclose the fields on your property, you can install a post and rail fence. This type of fence is inexpensive and quickly marks the boundary lines of your property.


For a modern twist on a wooden fence, try out a louver fence that features horizontal boards that offer plenty of privacy while allowing air to flow through the area. This type of fence is a fantastic option for patio areas, decks and pool enclosures.


For a classic touch to your property, add a picket fence that is known for the points at the top of each slat. These look lovely when placed around a garden area or your front yard. While they don’t offer privacy, they do enhance the appearance of your home.


A lattice fence provides privacy and a place for climbing plants to grow. The criss-cross lath adds dimension and allows light and air to flow through. This type of fence can look amazing around a patio or pool area.


For ultimate privacy in the backyard, install a vertical fence that features overlapping edges. The slats are so close together they prevent wind from whipping through your property.

The fence you want will be determined by the amount of privacy you crave, your budget and your style. Make sure you do your research before making a decision for this large purchase.

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