Top 8 Garage Issues and Solutions

As a homeowner, you understand the need to manage your garage. Being a place that is frequently trafficked, regular repair and maintenance is necessary. Some garage issues may not be noticeable, but most are mechanical; hence, they may break the aspect of your home’s exterior. You need to provide aesthetic updates and address all the functionality issues that are likely to occur to the garage door. You can also hire agrade services to help with complex problems.

Simple troubleshooting on your garage accounts for its durability and functionality. Therefore, diagnosing your garage regularly will help to identify and fix issues before they cause damages later on. The following are the common garage issues and solutions.

  1. Garage Door Opener Won’t Work

If the door opener has become faulty, you may have difficulties opening the garage door. For an automatic door opener, ensure that the photo-eye sensor is not blocked. Inspect all lenses to ensure they are clean and aligned correctly. If you have a traditional door opener, apply a lubricant to reduce friction.

  1. Outdated Garage Doors

A garage door will become obsolete when it is exposed to harsh weather conditions or when there is inadequate maintenance. This may lead to inconveniences and improper functionality. Ensure you apply makeovers to upgrade or install a new garage door.

  1. Insufficient Workspace

Garages are used for multiple tasks, including woodwork, repair hobbies, and metalwork. Space may not be enough to accommodate your projects. Ensure you set up the garage by using decent organization and storage solutions to create extra space.

  1. Motor Runs but Door Doesn’t Run

Sometimes when the garage door motor runs without either opening or closing the door, the chances are that the switch that connects the door and motor is not working. Check to see if the switch has been pulled or broken. You can hook the switch or call a professional if the issue persists.

  1. Broken Floor

Once you realize that the cracks on the floor are getting bigger, you should consider rebuilding before they cause water leakage. You can easily take care of a broken floor be levelling your concrete. Also, learn not to drop equipment on your floor of your garage when setting up the garage.

  1. The Track Is Not Aligned Properly

When the garage door tracks fail to align correctly with the door, they need to be amended to enable the door to move freely. You need to ensure all bends or gaps between the rail and roller are fixed immediately before the heavyweight door makes them worse.

  1. Broken Springs

When the springs are broken, the door might have difficulties moving. However, you should ensure that the transmitters are working so be sure about the broken torsion springs. Broken springs should be replaced immediately before the garage door causes injuries to people using it.

  1. Annoying Noise When the Door Runs

When the garage door becomes louder when opening or closing, there may be some dirt in the tracks causing the grinding and screech. You are required to remove all debris or dirt from the tracks and apply lubricant on the hinges to reduce friction.


You need to take care of your garage to ensure better functionality. Regular diagnosis will help to identify garage issues before they cause severe consequences. While you are looking to make your garage, you can find incredible queen bed steads that will meet your preferences.


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