The perfect valve solutions you can avail presently

In pipeline transmission systems, high pressure valves are essential to properly regulate pressure and achieve continuous flow; they are usually used in the hydrocarbon industry, in high pressure applications such as reverse osmosis systems, tap water or water purification.

Since they are kept under aggressive zones, the valves are usually manufactured to resist high pressures as well as corrosion, they are also compact and very easy to install; Their main function is to interrupt, initiate, divert or regulate the flow of certain fluids, which is why they are of great importance in industries, where they are used manually, automatically or a combination of both to have better control of the device.

Some high pressure valves , especially those used for LP gas, automatically respond to changes in the system, making them the main control instrument in the hydrocarbon industry, where one Plumbing mistake can cost millions of pesos in expenses, in addition to human lives. Some industries require that the valve be accompanied by a seal to prevent leakage or liquid runoff, which can cause problems. So its better to contact with professionals like blackhawk supply in this scenario.

In order to avoid problems with the valves it is recommended:

  • Carry out regular inspections of the entire system, in order to detect in time any situation that puts the security and inefficiency of the system at risk.
  • Design and implement preventive maintenance programs for the system in the industry, in order to replace parts, clean surfaces and perform any action that allows the machinery to operate in excellent condition.
  • Check that the high pressure valves have sufficient greasing (if necessary), since when liquids accumulate in your body, they can become harder and tighter and begin to fail, so you have to watch out that do not accumulate liquids or solids in the valve body, as this will cause a big problem.
  • If the valve is to be greased, it is essential to use an industrial lubricant specifically developed for said application; System parts should be greased at each scheduled maintenance period to avoid possible failure.
  • A valve should never be closed with keys or levers, as these must be opened carefully to avoid hydraulic shock in the pipes.

In industries, valves form between twenty and thirty percent of the underground installations of a plant, for this reason both their choice and their maintenance is essential.

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