How To Childproof Your Windows And Balconies

When you have a child, you start spending more time thinking about how to make the world better, brighter, and easier for the infant in your care. Part of this process involves creating a safe, easily navigated environment in your home by taking the time to babyproof windows, doors, and balconies. While you might assume that you have a bit of time to completely toddler-proof your home before your child starts learning to crawl and walk, it’s important to have your home set up safely even before your baby takes his or her first steps. Childproofing your home doesn’t have to take a ton of time, and most of it has to do with basic common sense. Keep sharp objects far away from your baby, cover your electrical sockets, and keep your replacement windows eugene protected by installing window guards and locks. If you don’t know where to begin when it comes to babyproofing, don’t swear it. Here are few things to try to achieve completely childproofed windows and balconies.

Grab Strips for Balconies

If you live in an apartment building or have a home with a built-in balcony, you’ll need to take extra precautions to make sure your kid doesn’t go exploring. For balconies that are built with french doors or a sliding door leading to the entranceway, you’ll want to use an extra lock to make sure your baby doesn’t end up finding his way outside. If your balcony is open, on the other hand, you’ll need to get a little bit more creative. Using grab strips will help prevent your child from getting too close to your balcony’s edge during supervised play. If your balcony’s railing is too low or just low enough to be easily reached by your toddler, installing tacky strips with a raised surface will make the prospect of kids pulling themselves up and over the railing just a bit too uncomfortable for them to risk it.

Nets for High-Up Areas

Homes or apartment complexes with lots of floors will always benefit from extra protection around the window and balcony areas. Using childproof nets can help protect your kids from finding their way outside while unsupervised. They can also help totally section off larger windows or walk-in style windows in your home. If your kid can’t see what’s behind the net, they’ll be much less interested in exploring that area. These nets are also made of strong, resilient material that will stop your baby from being able to get into a dangerous area. Unlike conventional window screens, which aren’t child-safe at all, nets and window guards actually protect children from being able to crawl, climb, or fall out of an open window no matter what.

Window Locks and Guards

For parents who don’t want to take any chances, there’s always the tried and true window lock to stop your kids from making any progress in their window exploration project. Using childproof locks allows your windows to stay totally shut no matter what, which is especially helpful with older, vented, or crank-style such as casement windows, which have a habit of coming open on their own once the crank starts to get old and rust. Keeping windows firmly shut at all times is a great option for safety, but what if you want to keep your windows open at least some of the time to let the air in? In this case, you’ll want to invest in protective guards, which act as a shield standing between your child and the open window, or window stops, which allow windows to open just a crack in order to ventilate the room without causing a safety hazard for kids.

Tamper-Proof Technology and Constant Supervision

When it comes to shielding your kids from danger, it helps to have the best technology working on your side. From childproof nets that keep kids out of harm’s way to special window guards and that completely tamper-proof, you’ll need all the help you can get making sure your kids don’t get too curious about what’s on the other side of your home windows, especially if you live in a high rise. But using the right tools is only part of the solution. To make sure your kids stay safe at all times, it’s crucial that you pay attention to their every move and never leave them unsupervised. Kids can get up to a lot in just a short amount of time, so don’t count on your window guards and nets alone to keep your kids out of dangerous areas in the home. When you’re keeping an eye on your child at all times, you’re allowing them to explore their world safely and easily without falling into danger.



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