Alkaline Water Filtration System for your Home

What is alkaline water filter?

It is a small device that separates tap water into two different solutions – alkaline water and acid residue. It involves going through two different processes – Filtration and Electrolysis.

Ionization process includes filtration and electrolysis.

  • Filtration – Water enters the equipment directly from the tap and is filtered to eliminate common contaminants, particles, chlorine, odor and even lead present in tap water.
  • Electrolysis – Water passes through an electrolysis chamber containing electrodes or titanium plus platinum plates.

How Alkaline filtration works towards your health?

  • Alkaline water filter reduce the electron charge and create an oxidation reduction potential (ORP) that results in truly “anti-oxidant” water which is healthier than ordinary water.
  • Hydrogen electrons get a negative charge and therefore the body absorbs it more easily at the cellular level.
  • Alkalized water aids the mobilization of acids and accelerates the elimination of bodily waste through kidneys, intestines, lymph nodes and skin.

Why choose alkaline filtration system?

Hydration is not optional. Each of us needs to drink water every day. We need 2-3 liters of water, regardless of our lifestyle.

Unsurprisingly, the water we drink is not exactly neutral and healthy water. However, the most common water consumed is the tap water and mineral water distributed in plastic bottles.

Many people prefer bottled water, thinking it helps hydrating properly. However, both tap water and bottled water is contaminated with toxic substances, which leaves you more vulnerable to developing diseases.

How does alkaline water filter work?

Triple Lifestyle ( provides alkaline water filtration systemand alkaline filters that does a ions exchange. The process enriches the water with oxygen and high pH levels. The process performed on the ionized water filter transforms the same amount of acidic water into alkaline water without any waste.

How alkalized water benefits your health?

The filtered water contains a considerable amount of electrons that nullify free radicals in the body. The alkalized water provides powerful antioxidants to the body, moisturizing up to 3 times more and raising pH levels in the body.

Due to alkaline pH level, the body responds better to biological functions, combats hyperacidity and reduces acid toxins which cause degenerative diseases. It boosts the overall metabolism in the body.

Our body lives in constant oxidation which contributes to aging in people. Filtered water helps reverse aging process. Alkaline water reduces the damage caused by excess free radicals. The cells are regenerated again, thereby reversing the aging process.

In addition, alkaline water is free of contaminants, which helps neutralize the body’s acidity. Above all, it improves your health and wellness, and strengthens your immune system.


Gone are those days, where water-pitcher filters and charcoal sticks were considered effective water filtration systems. People are getting more and more health conscious. The global water contamination is still at an all-time high. Your home needs to be equipped with a fail-safe water filtration system.

For best devices and filters, check out our products. Homeowners in Singapore celebrate the entire catalogue from our side. Give us a ring for enquiries regarding purchase or installation.

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