How to Vacuum Your Floors Properly the First Time

When you properly maintain your carpet, you can add years onto its life. There are many things you can do to extend the time between having to pay for a professional carpet cleaning canberra if done properly. Carpet is a significant investment and it’s important to take care of it.

When dirt gets on a carpet it causes damage by slowly creating small cuts in the fibers. Walking across the dirty carpet causes the damage to occur faster as you are grinding the dirt in harder. This can dull your carpet’s sheen and make it appear dirty no matter how clean it is as the damage causes it more susceptible to staining. Therefore, the areas of your carpet that experience more traffic tend to look duller than the rest.

Use Floor Mats

While spills can make a great deal of mess, a lot of the dirt that makes its way onto your carpet comes from outside. By using floor mats and small rugs you can keep the dirt from outside contained and off your carpets. Additionally, wet carpets can grow mold which can cause health problems as well as looking dirty. Just make sure your friends and family remember to wipe their feet!

Keep Your Vacuum Clean

Keeping the filter in your vacuum cleaner doesn’t just improve air quality, it keeps your vacuum working properly. A dirty filter, bag, or canister can greatly reduce the suction power, sometimes by half. Every three months filters and should be replaced or washed while bags should be replaced when they are around 3/4 of the way full.

Set Your Vacuum Correctly

If your vacuum settings aren’t correct they will not clean your carpet correctly and can even cause damage. When the height of the roller is set too high it will not be able to pick up the dirt correctly. If it is set too low the rollers can hit the carpet harder than it should and cause damage. To figure out if you have your vacuum set at the right height, set it high and then slowly lower it until the vacuum starts to tug itself along the carpet.

Vacuum Frequently

As long as you make sure that your vacuum is set correctly, it’s a good idea to vacuum frequently. It’s suggested that you vacuum all your carpets once a week while higher traffic areas should be vacuumed at least twice. By removing the oily soil in your carpet, you can prevent more from building up.

Take Your Time

If you vacuum to quickly it won’t be effective. You may remove some of the dirt but not enough to make much of a difference. In the areas that receive lower traffic, one pass over them should be enough. In the higher traffic areas of your home, you should go over them with the vacuum at least two times at a slow speed. It’s better to take your time and go over your floors twice slowly rather than several times quickly to remove the most soil.

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