Benefits of a Cold Press Fruit and Vegetable Juicers

The cold press machines juice fruits and vegetables using no heat. Cold press machines produce juices that have more vitamins and nutrients. When heat is used in juicers, the essential nutrients and enzymes are lost in process. These juicers
separate the juice from the produce and its fiber.

These juicers use a screw auger that crushes and squeezes the produce flesh to extract juice. It is beneficial because it does not use any heat. The spinning blade creates air making the juice frothier. Juice lasts longer, because it does not break down quickly. Consumers can store the juice for longer periods of time. Juice that is cold pressed can be stored for at least 3 days.

Cold Press Machines for Healthier Juice

Thee machines although, more expensive uses less produce, to make the juice. The produce does not lose its nutritional value. It uses less produce to produce the same amount of juice. It will save consumers money in the long run. Some juicer can make sauces and butters. These machines have many benefits. This juicer is slower than the ones that use heat. When using this juicer, cut the produce into small pieces. This keeps it from getting struck in the machine. Read instructions carefully, on use and clean parts every time it’s used. Cleaning often takes 10 to 15 minutes for these machines.

Ideas for Juicing with Cold Press 

When using a cold press juicer there are many recipes for different types of juice. Preparation makes juicing with this machine, easier to use. Peeling produce and cutting into small pieces produces a tastier juice. The Green Apple Juice recipe uses two Granny Smith apples washed and cut into eight slices. Remove core and seeds before processing. Wash and cut up 4 stalks of celery. Add to the juicer. Grate about 1/8 of a cup of fresh ginger using a grater. Follow instructions on juicer and chill for an hour or more before drinking. Add honey to sweeten.

Zesty Orange Juice recipe uses oranges, limes, a red apple, and ginger. Peel two oranges and discard the skin. Segment oranges into slices and cut in half. Add to the juicer. Try to use seedless oranges. Remove skin from one whole lime and cut into sections. Cut a sweet red apple into eight slices. Remove core and seeds. Grate one tablespoon fresh ginger add to juicer and process. Chill one hour or more add honey if needed.

Pineapple strawberry juice recipe requires one small pineapple skin removed and chopped into bite size pieces. Often consumer can buy fresh pineapple in chunks in the produce department of the local supermarket. One pint of fresh strawberries washed and sliced. Remove green stems. Add this to the juice machine. One lemon skin removed and chopped up. Add about two tablespoons of diced fresh mint to this and process.

Juicers that are cold pressed take longer to make and require more preparation. Their shelf life is longer and, the machine requires more cleaning to keep the machine working properly. Most juicers that are cold press come with detailed instructions and recipes.

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