Six types of commercial refrigerator

Here are six popular types of commercial refrigerator:

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Upright refrigerators
These are highly popular as they take up relatively little floor space, making them perfect for smaller kitchens. The products are stored on horizontal shelving that are both easy to organise and re-stock.

Walk-in refrigerators
Only larger commercial kitchens will need these vast walk-in fridges. They can store huge quantities of produce, and allow you to create different zones, meaning each type of food can be kept in the optimum conditions. They are simple to customise and can be fitted with shelving and storage as required. While these are not necessary in smaller kitchens, they are a must in larger catering firms.

Under counter refrigerators
These are a great space-saving option and are perfect for compact kitchens. They provide easy access to produce, keeping it right underneath the counter where it’s going to be used. They can save time and increase efficiency as no time is used running between the fridge and the prep area.

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Horizontal refrigerators
Sometimes referred to as chest freezers, these are popular in modern kitchens because they can store vast amounts of food and are more economical to operate than walk-in models. If you’re unsure of the best type of fridge for your business needs, contact a reputable retailer such as for guidance and advice.

Refrigerated prep tables
Not really a catering fridge, but certainly used for keeping food cool, these are ideal for creating foods such as salads, sandwiches and pizzas. They enable you to prepare and cook all in the same part of the kitchen and keep all the ingredients you need within easy reach. The Food Standards Agency states that you should keep food out of the fridge for as short a length of time as possible before cooking it, and refrigerated prep tables are the perfect way to manage this in a busy kitchen.

Display refrigerators
Perfect for businesses where you want to display your food, these fridges keep food at the optimum temperature while creating an attractive focal point for your customers. These are a great option for food that looks particularly appealing or attractive when displayed, such as cakes, pies, fresh sandwiches and other items. It’s a clever way of combining your refrigerated food storage with your in-store display.


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