How To Purchase The Safest And Most Effective CBD Products?

Can you think of anything more popular than CBD in the wellness industry right now? There is an explosion in the market for CBD, affectionately known as the “green boom,” where everything from CBD bath bombs UK to protein powder and CBD lube is available online. You don’t need to go to a dispensary, CBD can be purchased online without restrictions.

CBD Buying Scary

Buyers beware! While there are many great cannabis-based wellness and health products available for purchase, CBD remains brand new and unregulated. The FDA does not strictly monitor the production and distribution of CBD, so brands are not subject to strict oversight when it comes down to how they label, prepare, and market their cannabis products.

The results were not encouraging. The team purchased five samples from each brand and tested them with three brands of CBD oil as well as four brands of gummies. They tested them in a third-party lab and found that only half of the tested samples contained the claimed amount of CBD.

This whole area is still relatively new. How can you make sure that the CBD product you are putting in your body or on your skin is safe and legal?

First, don’t panic. These are the top resources in the cannabis industry who offer their advice on how to safely purchase CBD. Without regulation, you will have to regulate yourself. This is what you need to look for, how to avoid it, and what information you should have when you are looking for CBD.

Download The Certificate Of Analysis (COA).

Keep this in mind: The batch number of any CBD product you are looking at is important, according to Megan Villa (co-founder of the website and shop Svn Space).

Potency Is there any CBD? How much? On the COA, look for “total cannabis” or “total CBD”. Villa stated that potency is a measure of the number of cannabinoids contained in the product. “If the brand or product claims 250mg CBD, this should match what is on the COA.”

Safety: While many new CBD companies are popping up each day,  find a business that has been around for over three years

Hemp From Domestic Source

When hemp is planted, it absorbs all the soil’s contaminants, including heavy metals, pesticides, and nuclear fallout. Stanley says that you will want to make sure the hemp used in your product is grown responsibly in soil that has been pre-tested for toxic substances. Reeves also stressed this, saying that hemp’s safety as a consumer product is directly related to how it is grown.

View The Label

The labeling of CBD products is a mess right now, as there is so much government gray area (and the FDA doesn’t exactly help). Odell says that a product with “CBD” printed on it could be considered a red flag. Odell says that technically, the FDA could bring down you for printing “CBD” on your product.

Many products now include “hemp extract” due to FDA and DEA pressure. This is because CBD cannot be listed in dietary supplements. Although it may be labeled “hemp extract”, with milligrams of cannabidiol, most brands have changed the labeling to ensure safety.

Use Full- Or Broad-Spectrum Hemp Instead Of CBD Isolate

Hemp contains many other beneficial compounds than CBD. All of these compounds work together to increase the body’s positive reaction to CBD.

Hemp oil would be a better option than isolate, citing research that showed a U-shaped curve that concluded that pure CBD isn’t as effective in pain management and inflammation management as unisolated cannabis, as a full spectrum cannabis extract. CBD isolate is not bad. However, you might want to choose something with more complete plant extracts.

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