What Types of Carpets Are Best for Family Rooms?

Your family room is one of the most active, playful rooms in the house. It’s where everyone comes together after a long day to talk, catch up, play, or unwind together. That’s why choosing the right rug for your family space is so important. Not only does it have to create the right atmosphere, it has to be prepared for anything that might come up, including staining and damage. If you’re looking for the right carpet for your home family room, here are a few of the top selections on the market.

Choose Strong

The first quality you’ll want to look for in your family room carpet is strength. Not just the kind of strength that will help your rug last through years of wear, tear, and tons of Monopoly games, the kind that will help protect it from staining and long-term damage while protecting your family. As far as strength goes, choosing a synthetic fiber like nylon can be a great way to easy fight against staining and moisture buildup. It also limits the amount of dust and pollen that can get trapped in a rug’s fibers. Synthetic fibers make for cleaner air and less mess all around, without compromising style.

Choose Low Maintenance

Even though it may seem unavoidable, your rug doesn’t have to be riddled with stains just because it’s in the family room. Getting a rug that’s easy to clean and doesn’t take a ton of time, money and effort to keep looking great doesn’t have to feel like an impossible project. All you have to do is invest in something that’s machine-washable and of a reasonable size. Even if you want to get a larger rug, as long as it’s able to be cleaned at home, you won’t have much to worry about. You don’t want to have to go rushing off your Green Carpet Cleaning service of choice every single time you get a stain. Preferably you’ll be able to save your money for a big professional cleaning at least a few times a year instead.

Choose Colorful

Choose Colorful

The rug you choose should say something about your family room. It should be inviting, welcoming, and warm. Choosing a color or pattern that’s too austere could have the opposite of the intended effect, turning your family room into a place where people don’t want to gather at the end of a long day. Picking a bright, happy primary color with warm undertones is a great way to liven up the space. Even if your family room is more of a TV room or entertainment center, choosing a colorful rug can transform the space into a fun zone.

Choose Soft

For the same reasons that you don’t want to choose a gloomy color, you also don’t want to choose something that’s rough or hard. You’re going to end up spending a lot of time on your family room rug, whether playing with your kids, goofing around with the dog, or playing a family game on the floor. Pick a rug that’s going to be easy on you and your family in the long run.

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