Questions you need to ask when hiring a plumber in Houston

hiring a plumber in Houston

Most of the time, we are often too busy that we even forget to take care of some simple things around the house.

These problems usually elevate and become big issues that we can’t handle on our own thus we remain with no choice but to contact the professionals. One of the things we mostly neglect are plumbing issues.

You know you can be able to fix some of them yourself when the problem is still manageable but due to your tight schedule, you just can’t deal with it.

Anyway, when hiring a plumber or a plumbing company, you need to know and establish certain things before you give out the contract. Below are some questions you might consider asking the plumber you are looking forward to work with.

  • Licensing

This is an important question to ask and perhaps should even be the first one to be asked. Even if you remember to ask, don’t always believe what the plumber will say.

Many of them usually operate with no license but we just let them work in our homes because we always believe they always have one because they need it to work. That’s why asking this question is important.

With a license, you will know the plumber is at least registered with some governing body whether at the local or state level. Working with a plumber that has no license might put you in a great risk since the work done might not pass inspection.

When this happen, you will also carry part of the blame since you already knew about it but still chose to go ahead and hire him. With no license, they shouldn’t be allowed to do plumbing in Houston.

  • The total cost

Most plumbing companies in Houston will always offer you free estimates when you first contact them. However, you should be careful about those who would suggest to give you one without meeting them and talking about it.

Anyway, most of them will always come and check out the work before they start doing the job. Once this is done, they will give you an estimate of what the job will cost.

However, make sure to ask if the cost includes everything as some might only give you the basic cost which will continue to increase as the job goes on.

  • The rate

Most plumbing companies will often incorporate some clauses in the contract stating that the homeowner will take care of some costs for the job to be completed.

This is why it’s important for you to ask if the estimate you are being given is a flat rate or the plumbing company will be using an hourly rate on top of the materials cost.

Well, the main disadvantage with hourly rates is that even though the materials will be having a fixed price, your cost will still continue to rise if the job goes on for long.

This is because of the labor. It is recommended that you know this in advance before signing the contract.

  • Pay time

Also, ask your plumber when he is expecting to be paid and that how much will he take upfront. If he suggests that you pay everything before even the work starts, just walk away.

You will find plumbers that work on milestones while others will use a specific period of time. Working on milestones is beneficial since you will only be paying after certain tasks are completed.

On the other hand, working with a specific period of time can also work but you can be at risk of paying a bit more if the plumber decides to use a snail’s pace. You might end up paying much for little amount of work.

  • Who will be doing the work

Most of these plumbing companies will sometimes hire a number of employees but for big projects they often will get other laborers.

It is a good idea if you always get to ask if the plumber you are receiving the quote from is the one going to do the job.

If he is not then ask about the one who is going to be assigned the task and demand to know what qualifications and the experience levels he has. If the plumber is reluctant in giving you the kind of answers you want, consider walking away and continue with your search.


Looking for a plumbing company to help you with your plumbing problems might not be an easy task. This is why you need to prepare yourself before anything else and make sure you know how to go about the process.

If you could practice the above tips, you will always find a good plumber. Also ask if they clean up their mess after working or even if they will take care of the costs of any damages they cause. More tips can be found here


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