How To Stay Cool At Home Without Having To Rely So Much On Your AC

Having a home AC can provide major relief in the summer when things start to really heat up. However, there’s no denying that air conditioning units are seriously expensive, especially when you keep them running all the time. Fortunately, when it comes to heating and cooling cleveland ohio hacks, there are plenty of ways you can find to use air conditioning on a budget by practicing a few other conservational tactics. A cool, comfortable home might start with an AC unit, but that doesn’t mean you have to run up your energy bill by keeping it on consistently. Making sure your home is sealed tight and able to be temperature controlled will help you fight drafts and leaks, and keeping your window blinds down will help keep the heat at bay. If you’re looking forward to a long, hot summer, here are a few ways to keep your home cool without spending a ton of money on air conditioning.

Seal Your Windows

The best way to make your air conditioner work for you is to allow it to work less hard in general. Your air conditioner works hard to push cool air into your home while filtering out the hot, stuffy indoor air. However, when a room is too muggy or your home windows are full of cracks and leaks, your air conditioner is going to have a tough job of cooling down the area even by a few degrees. In order to avoid keeping your air conditioner running all night, go through your home and seal up all your windows, making sure no leaks or cracks are allowing any hot air to escape inside. Once everything is sealed, draw your blinds and keep your windows covered to create a completely weathertight environment. Now you’re ready to turn on your AC unit. If you’re still not feeling the benefit of the cool air, try turning on an overhead fan to get the air circulating. You can try plugging in a few smaller fans in larger rooms to make the most of the cool air flow.

Keep Rooms Dark

In the hottest days of summer, a dark room can be your best friend. Keeping rooms shaded and dark throughout the day won’t just block out the sun and protect your belongings from UV ray exposure and damage, it will keep your home at a consistent temperature through the day, even when the sun is at its highest. This is especially helpful for cooling down rooms on the second or third floor of your home where heat tends to rise and create a stuffy atmosphere. If you’re not using most of the rooms in your home, feel free to shut the blinds, turn down the shades, and keep the lights off for as long as you can. This will help keep the hot air from leaking in and will also create a sealed off, completely controlled environment that will allow your air conditioner not to work as hard to create a cool, breezy atmosphere.

Do Regular AC Maintenance

Your air conditioning unit has the potential to last for years without a problem as long as you’re taking the right care of it. But taking care of your unit doesn’t just mean dusting it off every once in awhile and changing the filter. To truly do right by your AC unit, you’ll need to schedule preventive maintenance and listen for the telltale signs of loose parts or standing water. If you hear anything that sounds off, such as clanking or hissing, don’t wait to get your machine looked at. Taking in your AC unit early can help it maintain a high level of quality for longer while allowing you to use it less to produce the same amount of cool, refreshing air on hot summer days.

Only Run Your AC When You’re Home

When a heat wave strikes, we all dream of returning home to a fresh, cool environment free of stifling mugginess. However, if this dream comes at the cost of a manageable electric bill, you might have to let it go. Running your AC while you’re not at home isn’t just wasteful, it can end up costing you a ton of money. If you’re worried about coming home to a stuffy house, try keeping a few fans running with the blinds turned down. Once you get home, you can fire up your air conditioner and turn it off in an hour or so after your room has been cooled down. Even if you have central air, there’s no reason to keep it running all day just so can spare yourself a few minutes of discomfort.


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