Five reasons to replace your windows

Latest energy efficient windows get seal of approval
Strong, sturdy and reliable windows are crucial to making your house a home this winter. Your home will never be winter-proof unless the windows keep out the wintry draughts. To avoid having the oil burning all day or the gas fire blazing, and then being hit by high energy costs, it’s a good idea to make sure the latest energy efficient windows are fitted to your home. They can comfortably retain heat and minimise any loss, therefore keeping fuel bills to a minimum.

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It’s a known fact that burglars are most likely to strike during the winter months when daylight hours are at a minimum. Homeowners should always be on their guard against intruders and take measures to help prevent burglaries. Aluminium windows and UPVC will ensure you are protected. Thanks to their resilience and the glazed panes, which are internally beaded, preventing their removal from outside, they ultimately deter burglars who are always looking for an easy entrance and exit.

New windows will spruce up any home exterior, and with plenty of visitors planned over the Christmas break, the summer or early autumn is a good time to have them installed so they can be a festive talking point. Adding a fresh finish, it’s a decision you won’t regret.

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Aluminium and UPVC are sturdy and weather-resistant
On that note, UPVC and aluminium windows are weather-resistant whereas wooden windows fail to stand up to the wintry weather and homeowners often find that the frames weaken over time. Aluminium windows and UPVC don’t need any upkeep, apart from minimal cleaning.

Homeowners requiring a new look can take advantage of all the windows Dublin has to offer. For example, can provide a full range of high performance double glazed or triple glazed window units and weatherproof seals to ensure protection against adverse weather.

According to Associated Press wintry temperatures can spur homeowners on to finally to get the job done. The article states that draughty windows can boost energy bills over winter.

New windows can also add value to your home. If you’re planning on selling, new windows can enhance the asking price and make your home more attractive to prospective buyers. Or if you’re happy to stay where you are, new installations can be a good investment for the future.


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