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Bitcoins can be earned by watching advertising videos and performing simple tasks. The essence of the methods is that they do not require a monetary investment. Earn cryptocurrency by watching videos on sites called “faucets.” A faucet is an allegory, which means that the amounts received are small, but produce a cumulative effect. By the link you can find a comprehensive guide on how to use it

The method requires only free time, no skills are needed. This option is suitable for the beginning of familiarization with cryptocurrencies and for earning the first coins.

Faucets work with different cryptocurrencies. They give out rewards in a given coin for completing certain tasks. The money is paid by advertising on the faucet’s website itself, which users view while performing tasks. 


But making money from advertising can not be too profitable. From this point of view, these projects are the intermediaries, which show on their site advertisements from many customers at once, increasing the profits of the participants. In addition, there is an emphasis on long-term cooperation by promoting ideas for bonuses, which can be applied only with a certain accumulation.

  • Best websites for earning from watching videos

The best site is the one that pays rewards. First and foremost, it’s important not to run into scammers. The most reliable brands are usually less profitable, so it is worth finding reviews or examples of the site from real people when choosing the most profitable option. Earn cryptocurrency by watching videos, not on one project, but on several at once. It is better if there are at least 10 of them.


Here is an example of several services that can be used for initial earnings:

  •    AdBTC. The service allows you to view ads and get satoshi. There is an opportunity to order your advertising, which will be viewed by other participants.
  •    BitTube. A project with decentralized storage, working with its own cryptocurrency. Its purpose is to cancel ads when watching a video. Money is paid for creating and uploading videos and for watching them.
  •    Brave Browser. The browser periodically shows ads at the bottom right of the app. The ads are viewed in passive mode without any active actions on the part of the user.
  •     BTC Clicks. The project pays for the same ads. The longer you have to watch it, the higher the payment. But the number of offers for viewing per day is very limited.
  •     Coinbase and Coinmarket Learning Centers. They offer coins by passing lessons and quizzes. That is, you can learn a coin and get it as a gift.
  •    Cointiply. This faucet offers services for watching videos, solving captchas, and communicating with other users. These actions are rewarded with rewards.
  • FreeBitcoin. The most popular bitcoin faucet. It works since 2013 and has no problems with payments. Payment is made for hourly solving captchas.
  • GrabPoints. A project pays for performing tasks. You can watch videos, take surveys as well as play games.


  •    Instagc. Similar platform. The difference is that it gives bonuses for activity at the end of the week.
  • Swagbucks. The project is among the leaders in the number of users and payments. You can earn from watching videos, searching for information, and playing games.

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