Interesting Facts About Self Storage Units

Self-storage units are a well-known invention that many people and businesses use to their advantage. It is easy to store all types of equipment and materials that you use every day. Although the idea of these units seems simple, there are many things we don’t know. These are five facts that you might find fascinating about self-storage units.

1. The idea of self-storage is incredibly old

Fort Lauderdale was the first location to set up a modern self-storage unit. According to research, the Chinese used self-storage units to store things they didn’t want to keep around their house. These items included extra slippers, family heirlooms and other items that were not possible to display in their home. This is a slightly different way than self-storage units today but it can still be considered the beginning for the current trends in their use.

2. Self-Storage units are more often rented out on the long term than short term.

Many people are choosing to rent self-storage units for extended convenience. Surveys have shown that many people who rented a unit for less than a year ended up renting it for more than one year. These storage units Virginia Beach will help you to find the right unit for your needs.

3. Metropolitan Cities are not the best places to store self-storage.

While it is natural to assume that the largest storage areas are located in the largest metropolitan cities, it is not true. Many other cities, such as Wichita, Texas, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Madison, Wisconsin, Knoxville, Tennessee, Spokane, Washington, and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, are less populous than these. These areas have unique storage space hotspots. Wichita, for example, is home to an Air Force Base that sees many people come and go on their work. Sometimes, they have to stay there to complete a job. People who don’t want to move all their belongings into living quarters might choose to store them instead.

4. There are many reasons to use self-storage units

Many self-storage units can be rented by individuals or small families. They contain items such as extra clothes, furniture, and musical instruments, like handpans, cutlery, and many other things. Some people choose to store their old books in specially designed self-storage areas that don’t pose a risk to their health. Mold growth between pages can cause irreparable damage to an old book if it is exposed to regular weather conditions. Businesses use these units to stockpile products they can later sell to other places.

5. Self-Storage units are on the rise

Self-storage is a growing segment of the real estate market. It stores all types of items and is increasingly popular with people. Self-storage as an industry is extremely profitable. It generates over 24 billion dollars annually and contributes over three billion in taxes every year. Statisticians have even stated that self-storage facilities are more common than McDonald’s restaurants in the United States.

Don’t be afraid to rent storage space if you are worried about the additional costs. Many websites on the internet offer accurate listings of storage and car storage space and prices that are reasonable and not too expensive.

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