Packing Fragile Items When Moving

You might not be aware of how many fragile things you have until you begin packing them. These tips and tricks will help you pack your most fragile items efficiently.

These are some tips to prepare your items for moving:

  1. You can make a list to help you figure out how many packing materials you’ll need for all your delicate and fragile items.
  2. You will need to find the right packing materials for fragile items.
  • Strong and sturdy cardboard boxes
  • Paper packing
  • Bubble wrap
  • Tape for packing
  1. Preparing your moving boxes: Here are three simple steps that will ensure your boxes are ready for the load.
  • You should inspect the boxes for damage. Use a brand new box.
  • Tape can be used to reinforce the box’s bottom to prevent items from falling through it.
  • Before filling each box, place some crumpled packing papers at the bottom.
  1. Take your time: It is important to take the time to properly wrap delicate items so that they don’t fall during transport.
  2. To prevent damage, stuff hollow objects: Vases, bowls, and jars that are hollow should be filled with packing paper.
  3. Mark your boxes: Make sure to mark all fragile boxes. You should also communicate with the movers about which boxes need extra care. Don’t forget to mark down the contents of your containers and the rooms they will be going to – plates, kitchenware, etc.
  4. Wrap each item individually: Everything from fine china to Christmas bulbs should be wrapped separately based on its size and weight.
  5. The Heaviest Items Should Be at the Bottom
  6. Place the dish in the center of the packing paper. One corner of the paper should be brought to the center of each dish. As if you were loading a dishwasher, place each dish vertically in the box.
  7. Be careful not to overload: Keep your boxes light at 45 pounds.

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