3 Ways Paint Colors Instantly Influence Your Mood

When you find yourself suddenly itching to repaint your living room, your bathroom, or your bedroom, it is likely that you were influenced on making changes due to current trends. Before you jump on that impulse, take a step back and think about things a little longer before you buy gallons of paint and first, ask yourself this question: What mood or feeling do you want to people to feel while in this specific room?

Even though you may think at the time that the choice you are about to make regarding your next wall color has to do merely with what’s trendy, you could be making a huge mistake. Colors effect more than just the appearance of your home, they affect your very mood and overall feel of your household.


1: Colors That Affect Your Appetite

Have you ever noticed the similar choice in colors of fast food restaurants? If you haven’t yet, you will start noticing now.

Well known fast food chains tend to stick with two main colors red and yellow. Research suggests that when people see the colors red or yellow it sparks their appetites.

Studies have shown that the color red makes people feel warm, comforted, and loved. If you owned a restaurant, wouldn’t you want your customers to feel warm, comforted, and loved after eating your food? Of course you would! Happy customers mean repeat business. It is genius strategy to play on the customers minds and emotions while at the same time tending to the needs of their stomachs. The color yellow has similar effects. Yellow tends to invoke feelings of optimism, happiness, and energy as well as increase a person’s appetite.

Of course there are other colors that influence similar emotions but the combination of red and/or yellow certainly dominate the food industry. Next time you drive through town, take a moment to notice the colors used by restaurants in your town.

Knowing this, you probably don’t want to paint your bedroom red anymore. You’ll learn the hard way as to why your midnight cravings suddenly intensified. Then again, they did place a light bulb in the fridge for some reason.  


2: Colors That Relax Your Mind & Body

It may not come as a surprise that the colors blue and green are relaxing. This is why most massage parlors are painted green or filled with greenery and why most hospital interiors are painted blue. Anyone who has the opportunity to visit a hospital most likely needs a calming atmosphere. And anyone visiting a massage parlor is visiting for one reason and one reason only, to relax.

Both blue and green have a soothing effect on the mind and the body. If you are looking to quickly relieve stress in your life, try setting your screensaver to blue or adding a green plant on your desk at work.

Knowing these colors are calming may also put some clarity as to why most people choose a tropical destination when looking for a vacation. The blue of the sky and ocean together create a calming, sedative like effect where the green palm tree can lessen anxiety and depression.

If you’re looking for your home to act as a vacation away from the stresses of life, I would highly recommend you painting or decorating one room with blue and green tones. Bring a piece of that bliss into your home.


3: Lack Of Color Resembles Cleanliness

Very few even consider white as a color. In a study asking which color was considered a favorite from greatest to least, white ranked 15th out of 18 total colors. But when you take a look at the color white from a different perspective, you will learn that white resembles a new beginning or a fresh start.

It is tradition that brides wear all white representing virginity and purity. White also conveys a sense of cleanliness.

If you are looking to change things up and paint a new color in your home or office, make sure you consider the above. Make sure your space is not only visually compelling but mentally stimulating and inspiring. For further tips on how to make the most out of your next paint project, talk with the professionals at Janovic.

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