Why the Doors and Windows in Your Home Should Match

The windows and doors of your home are your portals to the world. Windows and doors serve a practical purpose — by keeping out weather and pests — but windows and doors are so much more than that. They add character to your home, they help you welcome guests, and they contribute to your everyday enjoyment. Perhaps most importantly, windows provide you with a perspective on the world around you.

In order for windows and doors to have a harmonious look and feel, they need to match the style of your home. New windows and doors are a big investment, so it is crucial for them to work with your overall architecture and complement the style of your home.

Choosing the right windows and doors is a big decision. Begin by making sure you know what category your home fits into, and selecting custom replacement windows and doors that suit this look.

Below is a list of three popular home styles, and the doors and windows that are best suited for those homes.

Windows and Doors for Traditional Homes

Traditional homes are usually built from stone, brick, or stucco in order to convey a classic look. Cape Cod, Colonial, and Georgian architecture homes all fit under the umbrella of “traditional.” Traditional homes look best with double-hung windows, bay and bow style windows, and transom windows. Classic pattern window grilles also look nice on traditional homes.

In terms of doors, traditional homes often look best with doors made of wood or fiberglass with wood stain finishes.

Windows and Doors for Modern Homes

Windows and Doors for Modern Homes

Modern homes, also called contemporary homes, are known for using clean lines, asymmetrical design elements, and flat or multi-level roofs. Modern homes often look best with simple, unembellished windows. You might choose fixed windows, sliding windows, or casement windows for your modern home. Modern homes often make use of skylights, as well.

When it comes to doors, modern homes have doors that are simple and sleek with metallic-finish hardware. In order to prevent the exterior of your modern home from looking too sterile, consider choosing a door in a warm wood finish.

Windows and Doors for Victorian Homes

Windows and Doors for Victorian Homes

Victorian homes are very much the opposite of modern homes. Where modern homes are minimalist and sleek, victorian homes are ornate and embellished. You can recognize a victorian homes by its use of turrets, clapboard siding, sprawling porches, and ornate columns. The windows on victorian windows are meant to be decorative. Some good window options include bay or bowed, transom, fixed, or arched windows.

Victorian doors are equally fancy, often using stained glass embellishments or decorative glass panels.

Once you determine the architecture-based character and style of your home, all of the other elements will simply fall into place. By selecting windows and doors that compliment your style, not only will your windows and doors work together, but they fill foster cohesion across the entire look of your home. Even the interior design of your home will be a snap once you determine the style you are working to support.

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