Should You Improve Your Home?

Whether you’re looking to retire in your home or are considering on selling in a few years, home improvement is very important thing to consider. From the functionality of your home to adding more equity to your home some may even say it’s a must. So when it comes to home improvements, what all should you look for improving? It’s important to make your home as efficient as possible. A good place to start would be with some energy efficient home improvements such windows kitchen appliances, doors and lights.

These items will not only improve your home’s equity but would also serve to make the home more efficient allowing for a lower electricity bill, especially if solar panels may not be an option for you. Energy efficient windows help to block out 90% of the sun’s rays. This helps to keep the home cool in the summers and warm in the winters which will save you anywhere from a $100-$500 a year on your utilities bill. When it comes to looking for the best appliances in your kitchen always go with Energy Star appliances. These appliances typically use up to 25% less energy than most other common brands and will last longer; the same rule of thumb applies for lighting.

It is also always a good idea to replace your entry doors as well when doing home improvements, not just from the standpoint of security but this also helps with the energy efficiency of your home. Often garage doors are forgotten on the list of repairs but are very important and can be costly. Plano garage door repair is a great option for those looking to repair their garage doors at an affordable price. Another great home improvement to consider is landscaping. Curb appeal is the first impression one gets of your home and if you’re looking sell your home it’s important to that a lasting impression.

So if you’re one that has done these we’ve spoken about and are looking for ways to still add more value to your home, what else may you consider? Well, before you go picking out the most expensive granite, I would highly recommend in doing your homework on your area. You want to make sure that the monies you put into your home if looking to sell you would be able to get back out. I would suggest speaking with a realtor and requesting a marketing analysis on your home as well as the area. Oftentimes people spend money on improvements hoping to sell at a higher amount to unfortunately learn that even with those improvements the market does not allow their home to sell for the amount they were hoping for.

So if you’ve check all these items off and have spoken with a professional and want to add more equity to your home some other ways would be to add to your home! That can be adding a bedroom or sun-room. Some other upgrades could be kitchen cabinets, counter tops in the kitchen and baths, flooring, fixtures, plumbing and roof. Home improvements often aren’t done all at once and over a period of years. Home ownership is one of the most important things we experience in life. Whether you’re looking to stay in your home forever or looking to sell it’s important to improve your home. You deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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