Reasons why the heart of your Air Conditioner stops working – Compressor

In an air conditioner, a compressor is known to be the heart of your cooling system. This part acts as the main component that is held responsible for cooling down your room. It is placed in the outer unit of your system along with the fan and the condenser so that it is able to push out the high-pressure and hot gas in the outer air.

A compressor is a genuine constituent of an AC, and if any failure or fault is found in the compressor, it is a serious matter that should be fixed right away. There can be many reasons why your compressor is malfunctioning:

  1. Lack of Lubrication: lubricating oil is carried into the refrigerant through your AC system and the compressor. The compressor highly needs the lubrication to function effectively. The oil will not be able to circulate in the absence of refrigerant, and when this component starts to leaks or undercharged, the lubrication oil also leaks out along with it. Leaking oil i.e., lack of lubrication oil cause damage to the compressor.
  2. Excessive Refrigerant Flow: the main task of a compressor is to convert the cool refrigerant or low-pressure gas into the hot, high-pressure gas. Excessive flow of refrigerant would be an increase in the high pressure. This building up of high pressure inside the compressor will lead it to damage.
  3. Compressor Contamination: as time passes, dirt, dust, and several impurities get inside the compressor. These contaminations depositing in the system hinders in the normal functioning of the component and damages it.
  4. Deficient Heat Dissipation: condensing cool gas into hot gas produces heat in the process. The fan in the system which is responsible for the to keep the outer unit ventilated and cool when the fan gets clogged or covered in dirt results the system in the poor dissipation of heat, the pressure shoots up damaging the compressor.

It is common to replace the compressor with a new one when you find any failure, yet you need to make sure what fault caused your compressor to damage and then repair it. You also need to make sure you don’t damage your AC system by fixing it yourself. Many homeowners tend to open up the unit and look for the fault themselves, but the AC system requires advanced experience and knowledge.

Not only fixing the AC yourself is free of cost, but people also think calling in a technician is time served. When you find any issue with the cooling of your AC, it is tempting to look into the unit and try to fix it on your own, yet you never know when an underlying issue might take place. Call in your experienced technician from carrier ac repairs who is aware of every problem in the industry and easy for them to spot out the issue saving your time, energy, and money. Although it is the opposite, certified AC companies like the one given in the anchor below repairs your system by sending their repairmen on a single call at any time of the day.

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