Making the Case for Carpet in Your Home

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It’s the age old question, carpet or no carpet? Many homeowners struggle with this debate day in and day out, so let’s take a look at all of the benefits of having carpet installed in your home instead of going with other options like hardwood, tile, or some other popular materials that are on the market.

Comfortable Home

Carpeting is a great way to make the home a more comfortable place. You’ll be happy it’s there on those chilly early mornings instead of having to walk across hardwood floor or tile. Think about it, why do so many of us have carpet in our bedrooms? It’s because you aren’t wearing socks or shoes when you get out of bed.

But that comfort can also be beneficial for those bare feet as you walk across soft fibers instead of a hard, cold surface. This can make the house a much more comfortable place to live.

Save on Utility Costs

That’s right, carpeting can be a valuable addition to the home in ways that might help you lower your energy costs. This is due to the reliable insulation properties of carpeting which offers a more effective alternative than other flooring options when it comes to retaining heat.

Just be particular about the type of carpet you select if insulation is your concern as some thicknesses are going to be more advantageous. Consider the underpad as well, it too can bring insulation that works in combination with the carpet to make your home even more energy efficient and your heating costs lower over time.

Needless to say, perhaps, but this is certainly beneficial for homes that are located in colder climates.

Range of Options

When you go with carpet instead of flooring, you are given a wider array of potential choices from which to select the exact floor covering to match the interior design of your home. But with carpets, you have more options with respect to colors, textures, materials, and so forth. This can make it easier to find the exact color or style that will perfectly complement any décor.

While you’re taking thickness and material under consideration for energy efficiency, you should also be cognizant of the interior design for the room in which your are planning to install the carpet. If the room is already furnished, that will make the selection process more specific in order to match the aesthetic that already exists.


Another thing to be aware of is mismatched patterns that will only make the room appear tacky instead of stylish. Don’t try to combine certain colors and patterns that simply don’t go together very well. It can result in your carpet being the overwhelming aspect of the room that everyone sees.

Noise Reduction

While carpets can make your home comfortable and help you retain heat, they can also make improvements on the amount of noise that carries from one room to another. This is especially handy in homes with large families, when TV’s and stereos might be playing in more than one room.

Due to the way they’re made and installed, carpets can be an excellent way to dampen the amount of noise that can be heard from one floor to another. How many times have you been downstairs and heard loud noise coming from the upstairs rooms above.

With carpets, that noise is absorbed by the carpet materials and underpad, making it a great way to reduce the level of din that seeps through the floor and into the rooms below. Regular flooring is a poor insulator and a lousy noise reducer as well.

Safer Living

If you trip and fall, which would you rather land on: hardwood or thick pile carpet? We’re guessing you’d rather the latter as it provides a softer cushion in the event of a tumble. Accidents happen and they can occur far more on slippery floors.

These dangers are far worse when it comes to stairs and rooms where children or the elderly reside the most. While any fall can pose the possibility of injury, staggering over onto a hard surface increases the chance for that injury to be more dangerous.

Carpets are not just safer for falls, they offer more safety for traction, to ensure that slips and falls don’t occur in the first place. A good thick carpet allows for more confident steps as you walk across it and you won’t need to worry about moving across a flooring surface that is slippery for any number of reasons.

Now that you’ve decided to install carpeting in your home, remember to call Chem-Dry of Omaha to maintain your carpet with routine cleaning at least once a year (or more for households that receive a lot of foot traffic.)


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