Making Smart Remodeling Decisions

Our homes are a lot of things. They’re our refuge from the outside world. They’re the spaces that play host to our chores and daily activities. And they’re big investments: homeowners make a sound decision when they swap rent payments for mortgage payments, but they also gain a massive asset which must be preserved and improved.

For our homes to maintain their values, we need to stay on top of regular maintenance and repair needs. And we get more out of our homes, both financially and personally, when we take the time to invest in our properties and improve them.

But remodeling and renovation projects don’t come cheap. And not all of those projects are created equal. Some offer more bang for your buck than others. If you’re considering a remodeling project, here are some areas to target.

Your kitchen

The rooms in your home each have their purpose. And how they look and feel matters, because you’ll get more out of a room if it’s properly laid out in a modern and functional way. But some rooms are more prone to inefficiency than others. You may find a living room slightly more relaxing with a more modern shade on the walls or a new couch, but it won’t be a disaster without those things. Not like your kitchen, which becomes much less effective as it ages.

How old are your appliances? Old kitchen appliances have higher energy costs, explain experts in refrigerator repair in Honolulu, and they make life more difficult when you’re trying to cook and clean.

And what about your counter space? And your floors? Little details in kitchens can grow dated quickly, making the whole space less beautiful and less pleasing. This makes for a frustrating difference when you’re working hard to prepare a perfect meal, or trying to enjoy your dining experience when that work is done.

So invest in your kitchen! Replace cabinets, update appliances, and take a second look at those counters. Replace or maintain that flooring too, according to pros at a floor showroom in Portland Oregon. Spills and stains can become big problems on a kitchen floor over time.

Your bathroom 

Like your kitchen, your bathroom is a practical space, and that means it’s prone to looking out-of-date and feeling inefficient. Styles change, and colors and looks which were once in vogue for bathrooms can soon look out of style. And older bathrooms may feel cramped, with small nooks and crannies that make them feel permanently dirty.

All of this can lower your enjoyment of your home. And don’t think for a moment that potential buyers won’t check out the bathrooms with a very critical eye. Home buyers know that bathrooms need to be updated frequently. If yours doesn’t look the way modern home buyers want it to, then the cost of remodeling will be deducted from the offers that you get.

So invest in new counters and new plumbing fixtures. Update those counters and improve your bath or shower. It can make a big difference in the value of your home.

Outdoor space

Your home has plenty of great indoor spaces. But if you really want to improve your space and the value of your real estate property, you should look beyond its walls.

Great landscaping can offer some of the best returns on investment of any home improvement project. And serious hardscaping improvements, such as decks, patios, and outdoor kitchens, can utterly transform the way you use your outdoor space.

Work with trusted contractors to get the job done right, and you’ll find yourself using your outdoor space in new and healthier ways. You’ll improve your home and its value with a high-leverage home improvement project that gives you the most value for your money.

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