Converting a Bedroom to a Home Office 

When you make the decision to work from home, or put in a good deal of time after hours, it is more conducive to productivity to have a dedicated workspace. The kitchen table is not a great substitute, as the household noise and goings on can be very disruptive and distracting. In addition, having to move your computer and stacks of paper or whatever else you have gathered is annoying and tedious. Solve your work-from-home problems by creating a home office in a spare bedroom. Following are some things to consider.

Electric Load

When you set up your space, one of the most important items to take care of is electricity. You may have one or two large monitors, a printer and other office equipment. You may need a desk lamp and somewhere to charge your phone. That can create a heavy load on your circuit board. You can solve that problem by calling the pros at breaker installation Gastonia relies on to add another breaker to power your office.


Make sure you have a good overhead light source. Steer clear of fluorescent fixtures, however. Although they are commonly used in office settings, they produce a nearly imperceptible flicker and a constant hum that can be bothersome. Opt instead for an LED fixture that produces soft light. Include a desk lamp in your work area for nighttime use.


Keeping the area neat, tidy and organized adds to productivity in most cases. Build in a couple of wall cabinets to help with storing work supplies such as reams of paper, books or files. You could also repurpose the bedroom’s closet by building in a customized organization center for everything you need, including filing cabinets.


If you are converting a bedroom, get rid of the sleep-inducing colors and unicorns and rainbow décor. Opt instead to paint the room a grown up, sophisticated shade and use a monochromatic palette with a pop of color from some artwork or in the rug. Add some plants to being life to the room. Be moderate but include items you love to look at.

Comfortable Chair

If this office is used for work, chances are that you will be spending a lot of time in there, so choose a quality, ergonomically designed chair. Choose furnishings that really work for your needs and include a big comfy chair or sofa where you can take a catnap, and a couple of comfortable, but more formal chairs for clients or business associates who may stop by.


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