Concrete Slabs Are Not Just for Patios Anymore

Concrete is an amazing material that the modern world couldn’t do without. Once the domain of contractors only, concrete has become a mainstay for DIY homeowners too. As many have learned, concrete slabs are not just for patios anymore. You can do a lot with concrete if you know how to use it.

Concrete is a mixture of cement, sand, and some sort of aggregate. It is a composite material in the sense that its three primary ingredients have limited use on their own. But combine them and you have a material that is extremely useful thanks to the properties that each ingredient brings to the mix.

Your home likely has at least one concrete slab. If you have a foundation with a basement, the floor of your basement is probably concrete. The absence of a basement suggests your home is a slab home. The floor throughout is one concrete slab.

What else can be done with concrete above and beyond floors and outdoor patios? Plenty, according to the good folks at the Concrete Raising Company in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Basketball Court

There might be an area in your yard that you have found impossible to grow grass in. The soil is bad, it doesn’t get enough sunlight, and you can’t keep the kids off it even when you do try. Why not turn it into a concrete basketball court? It doesn’t have to be regulation size. It just has to be big enough to entertain your kids.

Pouring a concrete slab big enough to shoot hoops on shouldn’t be a big deal. The added benefit is that you get the basketball hoop out of the driveway. That has to be better for your cars.

A Barbecue Pad

Common sense says that you keep your grill away from the house when it’s hot. At the same time, you do not appreciate dragging the grill onto the grass every time you want to cook. As a prolific grill master, wouldn’t it be nice to have a dedicated concrete pad for your grill, your tools, and perhaps a chair or two? If you are truly ambitious, you can pour the slab large enough to accommodate a picnic table as well.

A Fire Pit

The backyard campfire is all the rage these days. To stay safe however, you need to make sure your fire pit is far enough away from naturally flammable materials like leaves, grass, trees, and so forth. One way to increase safety is to pour a concrete slab big enough to hold your fire pit with a few feet of excess.

Do Not Let It Sink

There are plenty of other uses for concrete slabs that haven’t been mentioned here. Hopefully, these three suggestions have sparked your imagination. The Concrete Raising Company reminds you to make sure that you properly compact the soil before you pour concrete.

Poor soil compaction is one of the leading causes of sinking concrete. When soil is not compacted properly, the weight of the concrete pushes down on it over time, gradually causing settling. Throw in some moisture and you have a recipe for erosion.

Sinking concrete can be raised through a process known as slab jacking. It is fast, easy, and pretty cost-effective. But why go down that road if you do not have to? Properly compact the soil and you reduce the risk of sinking considerably.

And now you know that concrete slabs are not just for patios anymore. Could you put a slab to creative use on your property? Use your imagination. You might be surprised by what you come up with.

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