4 Things to Know Before You Hire a Fence Contractor

fence contractor is no different than any other contractor that you might hire. The only difference is, instead of building your home or installing your HVAC, this contractor will install fencing, as well as repair any problems with your fence, if you have an existing fence. Before you hire a contractor, there are several things that you should know about. Below are four things that you should know before you hire a fence contractor.


When you want to have a fence built in the Texas area, you will want to make sure that the fencing contractor you hire, is licensed. Being licensed means that they have gone through the proper education and know what they are doing. Always ask to see a copy of this license. This will help to protect you if there is an issue, and you will get the best fence possible. Once you get a copy of this license, make sure that you verify it before allowing the work to begin. A contractor like Nortex Fence in Dallas, Texas will have no trouble showing you their license.

Insured and Bonded

If you hire a fence contractor that is not bonded or insured, you could end up with some issues. If an accident happens, they will need to be insured. It is also a good idea because you will want the contractor to be responsible for their workers in case they get hurt. If they are not covered by insurance, you may find yourself getting sued. While most fence contractors are legitimate, there are some out there that are con artists that will take advantage of people. They may use the work being halfway finished as an excuse to get more money. Then, they may never show up to finish the work. Making sure that the contractor you hire is bonded, will help you to know that they are legitimate, and you do not have to worry about any problems arising.

References and Portfolios

The fence contractor that you hire, should have a portfolio of jobs that he or she has completed in the past. They should have some pictures along with reviews from former and current clients. Ask your contractor if you can contact a client of theirs to see if they are fully satisfied with the fencing job they had. Some contractors may even offer to take you to see some of their previous works.


Having a fence installed can be very expensive. You may be tempted to do your fence yourself, but this may be an issue. While you may save money, if you do not know what you are doing, you may build your fence wrong. It could fall and cause damage to your home or your neighbor’s home. It might not work to keep people or animals out either. While hiring a fence contractor is expensive, you will have a much better fence installed and the time for completion will be quicker.

Adding a fence to your property can help you to keep your family safe, allow your animals to have a space to exercise, and have a place for your kids to play. Remember to fully vet your fence contractor to ensure you are getting the best one out there.


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