Why Has My Oven Stopped Working?

As great as the barbecue in Oakland is, you can’t eat there every night. If your oven isn’t doing what you need, you have to get it taken care of quickly. Fortunately, there are some things you can check on your own before you need to call for professional repair.

Gas stoves

Gas stoves are great for quick heat and for making minute adjustments. When they go wrong, there are some troubleshooting things to try, but always remember to take the necessary safety precautions. Gas is nothing to mess around with. If you suspect a gas leak you should always consult a professional.

The pilot light is out

If you can’t get the oven portion to start up, or if your burners keep going out, there could be an issue with the pilot light. Often you just need to clean out the opening to the pilot light, which should fix the problem. If the light still keeps going out, try adjusting the flame a little higher.

Weak flame

If you are having trouble getting burner flames to give you enough strength, the flame openings on the burner could be clogged. If that happens, either not enough air is getting in or not enough gas is getting out. Try cleaning them off and adjusting the air shutters.

Burners won’t light

If your gas stove uses an electric lighter, check that the lighter is still plugged in and the breaker hasn’t tripped. If electricity isn’t the problem, make sure the pilot light hasn’t gone out and the burner holes are not clogged.

You smell gas

If the pilot flame is out, open the windows to ventilate and then relight the pilot. If the pilot light is still lit, make sure that all the burners are completely off. If they are all off, leave the house and call the gas company for help.

Electric stoves

Most electric stoves work in a similar way. They also have similar issues when they go wrong, so there are common troubleshooting tips you can try that apply to most brands.

Test the cord

If nothing is working, or if things only work occasionally, go back to basics. If you are using an extension cord, stop doing so. Test the oven’s cord to make sure it is functioning properly and test the current in the outlet. Make sure the fuse has not blown.

Oven doesn’t heat

If the burners are working but the oven is not, check the settings on the clock and timer and then reseat the heating element. If things still don’t work, test the element. If none of this works, call someone like oven repair in Oakland and get professional help.

The oven temperature doesn’t match the temperature you set

If you’re having trouble getting the temperature of your oven where you want it, you might need to re-calibrate the temperature control on your stovetop. The manual that came with your stove should give you instructions about how to do this.

The outside is too hot

If things get too hot on the outside when your oven is on, the problem could be that your oven door isn’t sealing properly: especially if your inside temperature is also running cool. Check the seal on the oven door and replace it if necessary. You may also need to adjust the springs on the door.

If you’ve just gotten home with fresh food from the Old Oakland Farmer’s Market and find your oven is on the fritz, try these troubleshooting tips and see if you can get things working again. If not, call for some bbq and then call for repair. Your appliance will be running again in no time.

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