Organizing Your Home Garage

Many of us live in a home that is already cluttered or may tend to become one. It’s human behavior to become exhausted when seeing such a home. But what a person to do when there is little or no time to clean up the mess? You know you want to organize every corner of your home but lack the motivation or knowledge of where to start. Do not worry, because some of these tips may come to your rescue.

You made the move 3000 miles away to your new house with a couple of garages sheds – one for the tools and the other came as a bonus. Everyone is trying to get those boxes from the haul truck and place them as quickly as possible, but where? In the garage, no doubt. In an effort to keep the rest of the house in place, you postpone organizing the garage to a later date. Will that later date ever come sooner? Fat chance! Besides, when you are comfortable with the rest of the rooms, life takes off with no looking back. The garages, in return, suffer from clutter and untidiness.

Hands down, the most popular way to store all your things that are not required immediately or three to six months down the road is the garage. Looking for kitchen dishes that you forgot to unpack during the previous move, and where to find them? Of course, in the garage. Are your children’s school supplies piling up every month? Are your drapes, curtains and table clothes taking up a lot of space in the laundry cabinet? Garage is inherently handy but also, unfortunately, usually in disarray. There are very few homes in the world where garage looks like a model room.

Most garages are simply unorganized because no one focuses on organizing them. The fact is, no place is better than garages for cultivating the habit of organizing things. You will discover that after you start cleaning your garage space, you will find yourself organizing everything else, from projects inside the house to things at work and much else. The garage is the metaphor for how you live your life. Shelves in the garage, those unused corners and baskets can hide many things that you want to store, even things from your kitchen and closet. Apart from bicycles, you can make space for storing garden tools as well. You want your living room to be a place to enjoy and free of unwanted furniture, so garage can come handy to store that furniture.

The stacks of papers and magazines in your home office that make you feel overwhelming can go straight to the garage. And what about your occasional clothes from personal closet? Garage can be a great place to store these things safely in a cupboard. Remember to clear out the trash after organizing it, that way you know if you have more room for extra items. Doing so enables you to experience how neat the garage will feel.

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