Things to Know Before Buying a Carpet Cleaner

Regardless of the decent flooring that characterizes modern-day homes, there is still a need for carpets. These particular carpets come in a variety of sizes and colors. The choice you make, will by far, depend on individual tastes and preferences.

Children and pets are some of the biggest threats to the cleanliness of your carpets. Removing such dirt and dust can be hard, especially if you do not have the right machinery. Maintaining rugs in their original form requires a carpet cleaning machine.

Below are things to know before buying a carpet cleaner.

Do Not Break the Bank for a Cleaner

Random sampling in local stalls reveals that carpet cleaners are priced anywhere between $ 80 and 400. Just as the price implies, the low price machines are likely to be of questionable quality, thus not recommended for you.

Try by all means to spend above the minimum set price as it is one of the ways to be sure of a reliable machine. On a bad day, be ready to spend not less than $200 for as long as you are shopping for quality.

On the other hand, splashing your cash on one doesn’t guarantee quality. Depending on individual brands, some will leave your rugs grubby. It is thus reasonable to be moderate with your spending.

Quality carpet cleaners are energy efficient and are easy to handle. Additionally, they come with a 2-5 year warranty just in case things go south.

The same way you prepare a budget for other household items should apply here. Have a budgetary allocation for the same. A carpet cleaner is not a revenue-generating item; thus should not push you beyond limits. After all, you have been surviving without one.

Beware of the Available Types

There exist several types of carpet cleaners. The brand and make you go for will largely depend on your financial capabilities combined with individual tastes. The type and model are down to the functioning principle of the machine.

Vacuum cleaners are known for their ability to suck and pick dirt from the carpet. Most of the vacuum cleaners have different apparatus for cleaning tile floors and furniture.

When you decide to go cheap, be sure the cleaner you pick will only be used for light duties. Quality machines have a long life and are reliable for a variety of tasks.

A carpet sweeper is the other valuable equipment you may opt for. Unlike the rest, it is lightweight and operated manually. On the flip side, they cannot suck dirt and dust that is soaked in your rugs.

Finally, there are steam cleaners. Just as the name suggests, they use steam to sanitize and clean your carpets. Similar to other types, it exists in smaller makes that are meant for domestic use.

Weight Is a Critical Factor

Domestic cleaners are heavy when empty and even heavier when full. Usually, the machine doesn’t do the cleaning on its own. It requires several other mixtures and solutions for it to pick all the dirt.

Adding these mixtures makes it heavier and more challenging to handle. Have it in mind that you will, at some point, require to wash materials upstairs with this same heavy equipment.

Who Will Operate It?

Buying carpet cleaners and using them are two different things. You should, therefore, be ready for the responsibilities that come with this machinery. A single demo at the time of purchase may never be enough for you.

It is thus advisable to familiarize yourself with this tool before getting it from the shop. If you are not the one using it, ensure that your domestic manager is well trained on the same.

Sometimes, the equipment can be challenging to push and pull around. Whenever cleaning is to be done, either be there to help or hire somebody to do the same.

Match the Specifications of the Tool with Your Needs

Different models of the cleaners have different specifications. Most of them have one tank, although those with double tanks are the best. It is always good to have the cleaning solution and water in separate containers.

Above all, some do the mixing automatically. These are the best as they save you a lot of time and energy. Do not forget to look for one with a good handle for a smooth movement while cleaning.

At the same time, the length of the hose matters. Different models have different sizes when it comes to the pipes. Short hoses bring a lot of inconveniences while cleaning. Hard-to-reach areas may remain untouched for a long time due to the strain brought about by these hoses.

You should also note that brands offer different settings for their products. While some are meant for hard surfaces only, others will work wonders in the case of wet surfaces. Those that can suck water should be a priority, for they promote fast drying of the carpets.

How About Hiring Instead of Buying?

To be sincere, how often do you have to clean your carpet? I doubt if you can do it more than twice a month. Such an irregular frequency should not be the reason why you break the bank to buy the machine.

Hiring one may be a cheaper option for you. The good thing with hiring is that there are set terms and conditions that allow you to negotiate a favorable deal.

At the same time, some companies offer in-house cleaning services. For some, it would make sense to hire these professional cleaners rather than spending time cleaning that carpet yourself. After all, it is also a good strategy for promoting local businesses.

When you hear of a carpet cleaner, you may be tempted to think that everything is as easy and straightforward as the word. The truth is that these machines come with a large share of challenges. However, we cannot run away from the fact that they keep our rugs clean. The size of the home should be an essential factor when buying this tool.

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