How can you avoid condensation this winter?

If you find your windows are affected by water droplets on winter mornings, you probably have condensation problems. This can be fairly minor, but should always be taken seriously because it can cause a variety of other problems.

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What is condensation?
Condensation occurs when humid air comes into contact with a cold surface and this can happen if your windows are sealed poorly. Condensation can cause mould, dampness and wood rot, and it can have an effect on your health and that of your family. According to the NHS, people whose homes are affected by mould and damp have an increased risk of developing respiratory infections, asthma and allergies so it is obviously important to tackle the situation.

Preventing condensation
There are various steps you can take to tackle condensation. Good ventilation is important, so try opening the windows regularly. This is not always practical in very cold weather, however.

The temperature of your home should be maintained at a constant level where you can, and a dehumidifier may help in badly affected rooms when the weather is cold. Use extractor fans in kitchens and bathrooms and dry clothes outside when possible or in a tumble drier with an outside vent so that the moist air is taken outside your house.

Always make sure that cupboards and fitted wardrobes have plenty of room for air to circulate. Cramming too many clothes into an airing cupboard, for example, can cause mould to develop. In fitted wardrobes you may find mould in the corners and as well as affecting your health, this can make your clothes smell damp and mouldy too. You should also ensure that air can circulate around furniture, so move it away from walls where you can.

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Extractor fans and cooker hoods should be checked regularly to ensure that they are removing the moist air from the house efficiently, so it cannot cause mould to develop.

If these steps do not cure the problem your window seals may be the problem and it may be time to consider replacement glazing. If you decide to invest in new windows Cheltenham has a number of companies such as that could quickly remedy the problem by supplying and installing high quality replacement doors or windows.

Efficient glazing, adequate ventilation and good insulation provide the keys to avoiding problems with condensation.

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