Cooling the Garage in Arizona: Your Deals Now

In the summer people often think about how to cool the garage in the heat. Cooling the garage in the summer is very important for those who work in it. Warming the garage roof and walls does not always solve the problem.

A logical way to cool the garage in the summer would be to install an air conditioner. By the way, garages of sandwich panels due to effective insulation are very easily heated in winter and cooled in summer. But someone considers the purchase of an air conditioner in the garage as an unjustified waste of money, and someone fears increased power consumption. Well, there are alternatives.

Will cool the garage in the heat insulation foam

The iron garage in the heat turns into a good place for the device of the sauna, but for work it becomes completely unsuitable. Reckless attempt to insulate the garage can not only not solve the problem, but even aggravate it.

The idea to paste over the garage from the inside with foam plastic seems like a great solution. But if the garage is hot in the sun, the foam can begin to emit harmful substances. If the foam is enclosed in a sandwich panel or the interior trim isolates the insulation layer from the interior of the garage – this is not a problem, harmful substances will not enter the garage. But nothing covered foam – a piece insidious. So if you are engaged in warming – follow the technology and safety standards.

How to cool a garage in Arizona–here is a list of options

Let’s see how to cool the garage in the heat.


The easiest way to cool a room is through a draft. In our garages we usually install sectional doors and a door in the part of the garage opposite to the gate. If we open both the gate and the door in the heat, even a small draft will make it possible to equalize the temperature in the garage with the street one.

If there is only a gate in the garage, there will be no draft. You can use a fan, but better two. Let one of them drive the cool air from the street into the garage, and the other – on the contrary, expels the hot air from the garage into the street.

Thing in the roof

The garage receives a significant portion of thermal energy through the roof. From the heat well protects the attic. A roof with a ventilated roof is also very effective.

But what do the owners of garages of metal profiles and even with a flat roof?

There is a fairly simple solution to the problem: the shadow. If the roof of the garage is in the shade, then the garage itself will be cooler. Especially noticeable effect will be if the roof of the garage is not insulated.


Above the garage, you can stretch the camouflage net or fabric made of durable fabric. The effect of the camouflage net is, but small. The main advantage is a small sail grid.


If you like the version of the fabric – it is best to pay attention to the technology used in outdoor advertising. On the street, advertising banners are often made of vinyl. Along the perimeter of the banner, eyelets are usually located – metal rings fixed in the canvas, intended for fastening the canvas. By the way, obsolete, but still a whole advertising banner is perfect for your purposes. You just need to pull it over the roof of the garage on the most primitive frame.

Do not let the sun in the garage

If in the summer the sun shines directly into the garage door, then there can be no question of coolness. The problem is easily solved by a small carport in front of the gate, moreover, its parameters can be selected so that it does not interfere with the winter sun yet to look into the garage.

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